How can you boast to protect us against bad a phony products and still recommend a scam like the virus implanted on your computer when you install STOPzilla as a spy-ware protection? It is a scam, and you have got to know it if you are who you say are and do what you say you do to protect us as consumers?

Don't believe me??? Google "STOPOzilla is a Virus" & you get more reports on that than plain stopzilla, & who is listed #2 in their herald acclaim?

Yes, you Consumer Reports.....our protector! You might want to recheck your sources or just try "google!"

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My son's computer is no longer working..IS3 said they would install new windows, and supply tech support for one year.After one hour could not get my son's computer working, however charged $209.95 anyway, and would not refund.

Thank God Bank Of America knows of this scam and refunded the money, and changed credit card number. Problem is couldn't save my son's computer. The screen will not even come up.

Hope you read this before you too get a virus.Ironic..they say they will protect you from the virus they give you.

Zilla Killa

I just called Tech Support at Stop Zilla and after a lengthy 45 mins with a techy, he told me that my problem was caused by a lack of resources and that was caused by years of malicious cookie and spyware buildup that was about to take over my computer.Bnola (the techy) tried to scare me half to death by telling me that this critical and crippling state that my pc was in was about to be taken over by malicious contractors and the only way to fix it was to pay for his Certified MS Tech support that cost only $400.

ONLY $400??? After talking to his supervisor salesman, AJ, he was able to verify that SZ is nothing more that a vehicle to extract cash from unsuspecting PC challenged individuals by offering them virus software under the guise of ANTI Virus software that causes the problem in the first place.

Their awards are phony. The software is indeed a VIRUS, a pretty smart one too.

I suggest you don't buy into their website Bull.Good luck getting your money back.


Mike Becker is trying to pull another customer/computer user to whom they can make a fool of them...

There operating system is in INDIA with QUATRRO BPO which is handled by Raman Roy...Who's team look forward the Technical Support Group Process and the team always says that don't sell stopzilla as we don't commission from Client. As per them they say always sell Support Plan which costs $99.95 for ontime fix and they force employees to sell and customer's to buy Annual Package for $209.95 for 1 computer 1 year which means more commission/incentives earning from Client End...and they will say it will cost you $249.95 and when customer start saying it to costly they will say ok we'll give you discount of $40.00 and you pay $209.95 and take the service.

In the same way they have $309.95 product which they will say $349.95 for 3 computer's 1 year...

Like this they have other plans for 2 yrs and 1PC...2yrs and 3PC...


3yrs 1PC and 3yrs 3PC...

They also cheat people who use IOLO or My Phone Support Customer's or My Faster PC customer's...

And this is being managed by Qresolve team in United States.

Please be aware about the same..

Just Type Qresolve on google you will find lots of websites...


Anyone who doesn't realise that STOPzilla is a rouge anti-virus (meaning a fake anti-virus that scams you for your money and gives false warnings and even occasionally makes popups of its own on top of downloading and running its own viruses) is a complete ***. Later kiddos...


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