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I just had my husband contact stopzilla to cancel my contract with them and they have now totally distroyed my computer. I can not even get the internet on it which we were able to do prior to the cancelling of our contract.

They had my husband go into the computer commands and said they could get it restordd. But instead they wiped everything all programs all support everything. I recorded the conversation with the tech support and will be contacting a lawyer to see about a law suite.

I covered myself and they are in for a suppina and a law suite. I am not going to be your patsy and sit back and do nothing.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I think they did the same to my computer. Just this past year the full scans were taking days instead of just a few hours.

I complained, 4 months ago they supposedly cleaned my computer. Sure they did. They screwed up my computer. It has gotten worse.

I complain and I get, "If there is no error message there is nothing wrong." Horsecaca.