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As a CTO of an Enterprise grade software company, I have had a couple dealings here and there with software over my 16 years as a CTO. I can say with certainty that things are really unethical about the way this company produces their sales revenue.

They first call my mother-in-law and are very aggressive and borderline rude to her trying to convince her that she has a virus and that she needs to install their software to stop the infection. She does (facepalm) then agrees to their 5 years of support as well. I eventually learn of this but what is done is done. Fast Forward 6 months - now it's upsell time!!! This is where the "Ransomware" comes into play.

They call her again, telling her that now someone is trying to *** into her PC from Russia. They would be willing to help her IF she was willing to purchase their Network Security Suite. By now she has gotten an ear full from me and tells them no, I need to consult my Son-in-law. They get angry and pressure her more, she finally gets their call back number and calls me upset she has someone trying to *** into her PC. She said they told her that Microsoft was going to lock her out of her PC if she didn't solve the *** issue she was dealing with. They were trying to steal her credit card information from her emails. She then goes to turn on the PC for me to remote into the desktop to find that she has been locked out of her PC. Coincidence that there is a Windows 2000 style lock dialog box on start-up. I could not boot even into Safe Mode, it too had the same lock on the OS.

When I called the company the company was very rude. At first, there was no company name given and he was very elusive until I asked if he represented STOPZilla, which he agreed. Then he would not assist until he got her information "to look up her account". Then he put us on hold. The guy that returned was not the same guy who answered and he immediately began chewing out my mother in law because she didn't listen to him two days ago when he told her that Microsoft was going to lock her out of her PC. Thing is, it was only 30 minutes ago he said this, so clue #1 this is a common practice and he has no idea which person he is talking to and when he used that threat.

When they called the next day, I was at her house. I was trying to gain access to her PC. He said someone was trying to *** into her emails.

I then said Clue #2 this is BS, she uses Yahoo mail online, there is no "Email" to *** into on her PC. He then said I didn't know what I was talking about, when she installed STOPzilla, it also was monitoring other things which alerted them to this intrusion. OK, so what he just admitted to me was that they also put spyware on the PC to upsell when they get a notice of a network intrusion? No, I think they are the network intrusion!!! Like the old rumor that the Anti-virus companies create the virus to sell you the cure, these guys do it blatantly!

She did not buy their Network Security Suite and coincidently her PC was locked out just as predicted by the guy that was being such an *** to her. Coincidence that the lock happened within minutes of the call and her denying to purchase their software? You decide if its ransomware or not, but in my experience, it most certainly is! This is NOT a company to do business with!! I ended up becoming very belligerent on the phone when the guy threatened me to file a harassment suit against me - when he was the one that had repeatedly called me back after I told him to cancel her account, remove her number from their call list, and had her change her credit card number. I finally lost it and cursed him out and suggested he lose my number quickly.

I have now lost a day wiping her hard drive, reinstalling Windows 7, upgrading it back to Windows 10 and reinstalling all her software. Their BS games cost me a full work day and 8 hours of drive time to get her and back. I want to tell the world so the world stops giving them money to run their games on the elderly, ignorant, and unsuspecting. They use harassment and bullying techniques as sales tools. From my personal perspective - they are scam, they are run by people with no morals or respect for their customers.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Thanks for the review! Had this on my computer for some time and currently trying to get rid of some things manually that keeps affecting my computer.

Was definitely glad I saw this review. Stopzilla is being uninstalled!

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