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Sometime back I installed StopZilla and my computer slowed way down. I called they corrected the problem in 1 minute. Later on I had installed, Payed there fee only to have a tech show me later there was no type of mg's used in the uninstall section, which means its a...
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This couldn't be more dumb, than is if they said "torjan".

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STOPzilla filed up my computer

Since I installed STOPzilla on my computer is is totally filed up. The program was said to be fast and able to remove certain unwanted features but I found it to take more than 2 hours to complete. Then every time I start my computer it seem to get slower with the ability to open programs and no ability to stop pop ups even in my e-mails. I have ordered a different program from the company that sells this STOPzilla which I found too difficulty to down loading so I cancelled it Has anyone fund a truly good program? Bill
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stopzilla is a large download and needs alot of ram to operate correctly. your cpu must be outdated or must not have enough ram u can try everythingelse like norton or norton 360 but they dont protect you from everything that stopzilla will protect you from we have millions and millions of satisfied customers and were in 60 countries we win the awards every year in pc magazine for the best software out there. if i were u i would do some further research.thanks.


stopzilla is a large download and needs alot of ram to operate correctly. your cpu must be outdated or must not have enough ram u can try everythingelse like norton or norton 360 but they dont protect you from everything that stopzilla will protect you from we have millions and millions of satisfied customers and were in 60 countries we win the awards every year in pc magazine for the best software out there. if i were u i would do some further research.thanks.

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STOPzilla appears to be a scam

I downloaded STOPzilla from their site. It scanned my computer for over 4 hours, and all kinds of viruses and problems were showing up on its log. I finally stopped it and clicked the "Remove" button. That's when it required that I register (i.e., pay) to remove the problems. Instead, I exited their program and ran Malawarebytes Anti-Malaware right after that. Nothing showed up! I had used Malawarebytes before and got excellent results. That made me very suspicious. I think all of the problems that STOPzilla spent hours scanning for were fake, an attempt to scare me. It almost worked.
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I think Ben Groshek is mistaken about what his company offers.


I agree that Stopzilla is a scam. I ran the free scan, and was told there were 35 problems on my computer.

That was a lie, because I had run a scan before I ran Stopzilla with my Norton Internet Security system and was told there were no problems. Also, Stopzilla wanted me to buy their product to fix the problems instead of doing it for free initially like their ad said they would.


SCAM! Fraudulent Billing Practices. When you select the $9.95 option to purchase, you then get charged $39.95 and it is a hassle to reverse!!!!



My name is Ben Groshek, and I’m the Online Communications Director with STOPzilla.

First, let me state that STOPzilla is not a scam. It is a legitimate security program. We offer a 15 day trial version of the program for download. The trial version does not remove infections, but it does quarantine them. The program does not list fake results. Any items identified by the scan would be the result of an infection being detected. When the trial period expires, STOPzilla continues to detect Malware and other infections for as long as the software remains on your computer. However it will no longer block and quarantine these threats. Removal would require purchasing a registration key.

Running another scanning utility immediately after STOPzilla would produce the result you have described. STOPzilla would have already quarantined any infections.

Please feel free to contact me directly via the information below with any additional questions or concerns about STOPzilla.


Ben Groshek

Email: ben at stopzilla dot com

Phone: 1-877-877-9944 ext. 128

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StopZilla is a clever deceptional scam thrilla

After calling Stopzilla Tech support and spending about 1 hour with a techy (Bnola) he tells me that I cannot re-install Stopzilla due to a lack of resources caused by infectious malware that has been on my computer for years. Why did I buy this again? Next, he tells me that the only way to fix it is to spend $400 so that his MS certified techy can fix it. His Supervisor AJ (aka salesman) comes on tries to terrify me thinking that the malware hackers are about to take over my PC any day now. BTW, they never fixed the original problem. They convinced me that they are nothing but a vehicle to extract cash from unsuspecting PC challenged individuals. Good luck getting your money back if you buy into this clever scam.
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this site and the product is not can.t remove it or disable the *** program, :cry


Stopzilla is a scam! I stupidly agreed to buy their $39.99 virus removal tool after they promised a $30 rebate.

The rebate never arrived, frequent emails were ignored, and despite ordering them to cancel my account, they still billed my account $49.99 to "renew" their product (which, by the way, repeatedly crashed and harmed my computer).

I cannot emphasize this enough: do NOT trust Stopzilla! Once they have your number, it's nearly impossible to remove their claws from your bank account.


Amazed they are still operating, with the same MO as early this year. Seems it's difficult to close them down, but I think SZ should be held to account.

But how? They will deny any complicity, even though it seems that these peole's helpline number is being forwarded to consumers by SZ.

That is wrong. Let's act against SZ


Gosh, I wish I would have seen this site before calling stopzilla. The above scam that you all have experienced just happened to me. I couldn't get stopzilla to launch and that is when the scam started, only I was told 209 dollars for one yrs protection. I told the tech I'd rather buy a new computer than pay that price and told him I will shop around before I sign on to anything like that. Lots of threats of bad things that were going to happen even to a new computer, and then he said let me get my supervisor and I hung up. I noticed he was messing with my computer and I said, accidently disconnected phone, please put SZ back on, which he did then I revolked his permission to go any further with my computer. I have SZ scanning right now, but I'm concerned that the scan won't correct the problem.

I've had SZ for years now and have never had any issues until now. I'm wondering if they've been bought out by an unreputable company.

I think I'll have Ccleaner do the next scan and get things cleaned up.

I'm so glad I didn't authorize any credit card with them.


Stopzilla is very deceptive. When I ordered the promo said 39.95 with a 30.00 rebate so the cost would be 9.95.

Before I ordered I made sure that only 9.95 would be taken out of my account but I come to see that 39.95 was taken. I called the customer service and the man said that he would give my number to the concern department. If he can't help why is he customer service. No call came.

I want to cancel my order and I can't even do that. I don't want them to take anymore money out of my account.


Jazmin it was Mastercard and the bank was Westpac, (Short for West Pacific) as I live in Oz. I was so relieved when the money didnt go through, maybe yours won't either.


@ billharv and jack: what bank did you report it to.i have been a victim and i have a temp payment on them on my credit card. plshelp!


Oh, clarification: my bank didnt let money through to them, probably thanks to BILLHARVs reporting them...Thanks Bill and your ilk for taking the time and trouble. I also reported them to my bank.


did my Szilla check, have been using it for two years at least, no problems, when Norton didnt work, BUT...when I called the hotline number given, (I was tired not thinking and just wanted viruses removed no fuss, etc) the qresolve or whatever people answered and asked how many pc s are off the same router, I said 5 and they gave me the same guff about all of them being under they charged me $900,with many warnings... I let them work for 35 minutes and many of their actions werent complete, they only half did operations, and when applets came up saying error they disregarded them.

Then assured me no more viruses, but when I checked (using Stopzilla, and malwarebytes which they put on my pc, MORE came up...So I just went out and got Norton and it was brilliant. So far anyway. These people are nice genial SCAMMERS. No more Stopzilla, because of that phone link.

Thank God the credit card refused them.

I could (nearly ) kick myself for the hours lost and the worry, and nearly losing good money. Thanks blokes.


I repair computers for a living. Most viruses nowadays must be removed using an offline registry editing boot CD (Bart PE CD or ERD Commander).

Don't try to do it yourself. It's too complicated. This can't be done over the phone either!!! Also it takes a MINIMUM of 4 hours to FULLY remove viruses off of a mildly infected machine -- NOT 20 minutes!!!!!

Next time call your local independent Geek.

Don't go to Geek Squad -- They have kids who are fresh out of school who don't know what they're doing. There's many YouTube videos about GeekSquad and other chain store incompetence.


Watch out for this one: I used a Help Support phone number from Stopzilla.

Turned out to be a SCAM.

They loaded a Hyjack program on to my computer.

If $300.00 was not paid, for a 1-Year online computer repair subscription,

the computer would be damaged, upon start up.

I have the local repair shop’s receipt to prove that


The staff at Stopzilla are extremely courteous, too bad they could not fix the problem on my computer. I described the virus problem to the first supposed diagnostic technician.

His supervisor said they could fix the problem in 20 minutes for a mere $310.00 with an extra 12 months of service!! After an hour, they could not resolve the problem. I called them back and told them they could not charge me because they did not perform the service. I initially agreed to the high price because I was afraid, as initially told by their techie answered their phone, that I could lose all my data plus all data on another stand alone computer through my router, something I never heard of before.

I agreed to the deal if they could fix the problem. I was then passed to their fix-it techie who, after a fruitless hour, did not succeed in fixing the problem. I also asked the fix-it guy if my stand-alone computer could be infected by the router. He said this was not a problem.

In fact, he remotely checked both of my computers and stated that my other computer was not, in fact, infected as the diagnostician had asserted. There are no problems at all with my other computer. At this point, I became suspicious that some misrepresentations and scare tactics were used but I was still concerned about losing all data. After an hour, Mr.Fix-It in-20-minutes had not resolved the problem on my infected computer (I have two computers).

I pointed out to him, as he was about to hang up, that the mouse was jumping all over the screen indicating that background programs were eating up memory and causing havoc. He speeded up the mouse controls which merely covered over the problem and then got off the line. There was a one question survey and I stated that I was not satisfied because they did not do what they claimed they could do: fix the problem. The virus problem remained the same as various websites continued trying to download info or eat up memory dragging the computer to a crawl.

My son who has been Microsoft Certified, was able to come by later in the evening and managed to fix the problem after about four hours. He reinstalled spyware, Microsoft Security Essentials, after hours of troubleshooting. Stopzilla appears ineffective. .

I called them back later and told them several times that they had simply failed to fix the problem. They tried to sell me their service again but since they had not fixed the problem in the first place I told them I wanted my money back, period. They said they’d call back but did not do so.

They never Emailed a receipt or record of the purchase. I have now reported them to my bank.Bad news!





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Stopzilla is a virus & You help them!!!

How can you boast to protect us against bad a phony products and still recommend a scam like the virus implanted on your computer when you install STOPzilla as a spy-ware protection? It is a scam, and you have got to know it if you are who you say are and do what you say you do to protect us as consumers? Don't believe me??? Google "STOPOzilla is a Virus" & you get more reports on that than plain stopzilla, & who is listed #2 in their herald acclaim? Yes, you Consumer Reports.....our protector! You might want to recheck your sources or just try "google!"
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My son's computer is no longer working..IS3 said they would install new windows, and supply tech support for one year. After one hour could not get my son's computer working, however charged $209.95 anyway, and would not refund.

Thank God Bank Of America knows of this scam and refunded the money, and changed credit card number. Problem is couldn't save my son's computer. The screen will not even come up.

Hope you read this before you too get a virus. Ironic..they say they will protect you from the virus they give you.

Zilla Killa

I just called Tech Support at Stop Zilla and after a lengthy 45 mins with a techy, he told me that my problem was caused by a lack of resources and that was caused by years of malicious cookie and spyware buildup that was about to take over my computer. Bnola (the techy) tried to scare me half to death by telling me that this critical and crippling state that my pc was in was about to be taken over by malicious contractors and the only way to fix it was to pay for his Certified MS Tech support that cost only $400.

ONLY $400??? After talking to his supervisor salesman, AJ, he was able to verify that SZ is nothing more that a vehicle to extract cash from unsuspecting PC challenged individuals by offering them virus software under the guise of ANTI Virus software that causes the problem in the first place.

Their awards are phony. The software is indeed a VIRUS, a pretty smart one too.

I suggest you don't buy into their website Bull. Good luck getting your money back.


Mike Becker is trying to pull another customer/computer user to whom they can make a fool of them...

There operating system is in INDIA with QUATRRO BPO which is handled by Raman Roy...Who's team look forward the Technical Support Group Process and the team always says that don't sell stopzilla as we don't commission from Client. As per them they say always sell Support Plan which costs $99.95 for ontime fix and they force employees to sell and customer's to buy Annual Package for $209.95 for 1 computer 1 year which means more commission/incentives earning from Client End...and they will say it will cost you $249.95 and when customer start saying it to costly they will say ok we'll give you discount of $40.00 and you pay $209.95 and take the service.

In the same way they have $309.95 product which they will say $349.95 for 3 computer's 1 year...

Like this they have other plans for 2 yrs and 1PC...2yrs and 3PC...


3yrs 1PC and 3yrs 3PC...

They also cheat people who use IOLO or My Phone Support Customer's or My Faster PC customer's...

And this is being managed by Qresolve team in United States.

Please be aware about the same..

Just Type Qresolve on google you will find lots of websites...


Anyone who doesn't realise that STOPzilla is a rouge anti-virus (meaning a fake anti-virus that scams you for your money and gives false warnings and even occasionally makes popups of its own on top of downloading and running its own viruses) is a complete ***. Later kiddos...


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